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Kimba - Psychics Directory



I've been called by Spirit most all of my life to help my fellow travelers on this journey we call life. I was born with all of my psychic abilities 'turned on' and have spent pretty much all of my life learning how to harness them in order to fulfill my calling. I live in South Western Ontario.


Dee Dunckley - Psychics Directory



Professional Reader specializing in Tarot and Astrology. Have worked professionally in the other fields field for 30 years as a reader, writer and teacher, in classes and one-on-one.


Anita - Psychics Directory



I have been clairvoyant for many years and for 18 years have been working with spirit guides and tarot cards to help others along their pathway in life. My aim is to tune in to the energy around your issues and questions to help you find a solution to your problems.


Carina Rubin - Psychics Directory



Love, Career, Spiritual Path. Helping you is my purpose. My readings will help you find out what holds you back from reaching your happy life, and they will bring you the guidance and the empowerment to make it happen. I’m guided by the Tarot, the Angels, my intuition and my psychic skills.


Brittany - Psychics Directory



Honest and Accurate Answers from a skilled Tarot Reader and Clairvoyant. Specializing in Life Path, Romance, Spirit Guides, and Past Lives.


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Elizabeth - Psychics Directory



"When will thibault contact me? My name is catherine muscato his is thibault lechevin"

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Chloe McAlister - Psychics Directory



"I would like to know if a dear friend of mine that died of a gunshot wound to the head pulled the trigger himself or was he made to or thought he had to?"

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Angela - Psychics Directory



"I have been unhappily married for 15 years. I went to see an osteopath for a back problem. There was an instant spiritual connection with this man. He has been a catalyst. He is caring asks personal questions I opened up and told him everything. He holds me and does this every week now. It is only instinct that tells me he feels this connection,his eyes. No line has been crossed but I’d like to. Does he feel this too and will anything romantic or sexual become of this? It is an extremely deep connection that I cannot explain. "

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Lulu Al-Turki - Psychics Directory



"My boyfriend is refusing to talk to me. He has totally withdrawn. What's really going on with him?"

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Giuliana - Psychics Directory



"What can you tell me about my current relationship? Jim & Kate going to break up? Will Jim and I be together for good, and not just the Oregon girlfriend? "

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Kapes - Psychics Directory



Tarot reader


rose - Psychics Directory



I got my first tarot deck at age 16 and used tarot as a tool for meditation and [removed] believe we can create our own future and circumstances are not set in stone, so I read tarot to gain insight and to empower people to make choices that serve their highest good and happiness.


Max - Psychics Directory



I bring both a modern twist and an LGBT perspective to tarot readings and spiritual coaching to refocus your life and guide you on the right path to your highest self. I am a gentle but truthful reader, and I focus on how we can work together to improve your situation with advice and goal setting.


Mansi Joshi - Psychics Directory



Hello Dear, I am a professional Tarot Reader since 3 years in practise, my gift is something I have since I was very young. I'm blessed with the ability to see events and sense them which will help you make correct choice for you life. I am here to guide you for the highest empowerment of your soul


Chelle - Psychics Directory



I have grown my gifts over the last 25 year's. Being a psychic empath I feel many of the same feelings as spirit. I use the Tarot decks to give you your reading along with Wisdom of the Oricle Deck for the direct questions you have.