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Elaine - Psychics Directory



Promoting Health Harmony & Happiness Through Spirituality Sensology & Relaxation Through Readings & Healing


Carina Rubin - Psychics Directory



Love, Career, Spiritual Path. Helping you is my purpose. My readings will help you find out what holds you back from reaching your happy life, and they will bring you the guidance and the empowerment to make it happen. I’m guided by the Tarot, the Angels, my intuition and my psychic skills.


Dee Dunckley - Psychics Directory



Professional Reader specializing in Tarot and Astrology. Have worked professionally in the other fields field for 30 years as a reader, writer and teacher, in classes and one-on-one.


Pam Richards - Psychics Directory



Welcome to my profile, I have worked with Spirit for 30 years or so, I'm also a qualified therapist & author of Understanding Tarot (Kindle). I offer a sincere down to earth approach to the problems in life which you need answers, guidance or healing with.


Kimba - Psychics Directory



I've been called by Spirit most all of my life to help my fellow travelers on this journey we call life. I was born with all of my psychic abilities 'turned on' and have spent pretty much all of my life learning how to harness them in order to fulfill my calling. I live in South Western Ontario.


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Que - Psychics Directory



"I would like to understand my positioning and prospect in my current career. "

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Shannon Ghioni - Psychics Directory



"Do you feel Kodie and I are meant to be together? Courtney 11/14/92 Kodie 4/20/88 If so what needs to happen for us to come into our divine union? "

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Rosemary  - Psychics Directory



"I recently went through a break up and last night he told me he feels zero emotion for anyone and he needs to be alone to work on himself. Do you see him coming back to this relationship or should I just let him go?"

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Nicole - Psychics Directory



"When will he break the no contact? Why do I feel him so strongly everyday? "

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Sarah Oshun-W - Psychics Directory



"Will my ex and I get back together and have a happy life together? How long until he contacts me. "

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Mariza Valentine - Psychics Directory



Hello. I am a professional Tarot reader with 14 years of experience. I am a specialist in love,Soulmate and Twin Flames relationships. I have been helping people for years to make the right decision in their love life. I use Tarot cards and Oracle .Natural Healer .


Alma Moonfall - Psychics Directory



I'm an intuitive tarot reader, very passionate about the mystical side of the world. Using my tarot and oracle cards and connecting to your energy, I can provide good guidance in the situation you are in or you are facing. Be brave and ask me a question to wander into the powerful energy of tarot.


Orgy of Oracles  - Psychics Directory



Orgy of Oracles [removed] — Where Fortunes Are Won, Curses Are Broken, And The Future Is Foretold In That Order. Amen.


Mystic Suraj - Psychics Directory



Firstly i am tarot reader for last 4 years and practicing since i was 14 years old. Being very kind and friendly. My grandmother taught me spirituality and made me do meditation everyday that worked like wonders in my life that has changed my perspective towards our life.


Jennifer Jackson - Psychics Directory



My readings tend to focus on growth and healing, advice from your guides, and offer a deep look into energies that should be addressed to guide one toward their best path. Here to deliver the message!