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Britt asks:
I am experiencing the most difficult time in my entire 35 years of life. My dad died in an motorcycle accident,& grandmother, & daughter. Literally my boyfriend of 12 years was the only person I had to provide support, but currently I don’t even have that. For 3 weeks he has been giving me the silent treatment, ? I want to make sure that my boyfriend of 12+ years & I are going to work things out?? ? & when, ?lastly, does he does STILL love me ONLY? 7/10/1986&1/9/1982.

Anonymous Client Avatar Britt

Angela Renee SIM asks:
I have been feeling a number of different types of Energies and I feel I may be a star seed. Or a light worker or even an angel. I feel like I need to raise my vibration and ascend. Can you give my any validation on the way I have been feeling? Or tell me what path to need to take to figure out my purpose. My biggest birthday is 06/11/1985 born in Coatesville, PA at 8:01am.

Anonymous Client Avatar Angela Renee SIM