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I was wondering if you see anyone for me anytime soon? Would you please be able to describe this person physically and personality? And possibly provide a timeline or as much detail as possible? Thanks so much!


Hi my dob 15 Sep 1961. Is there someone in workplace who is loving me in secret? Any features or signs? Thanks


Is Neil in love with me and will we meet soon? Hes dob is 23/10/1998


My name Concepcion Amaya Jr. (8/28/82) and I was recently involved in a taboo relationship with a coworker. Will she come back into my life seeking a relationship or will I find a new love in my life and be happy without her? What time frame will this happen if it does come to pass?


Me and my ex of 4 years just broke up. We broke up 2 months ago. Will me and my ex get back together?


Will me and my husband reconcile in the next 3 months or ever?


I am looking for guidance please, met a lovely man online by chance online 6 months ago. Was a lovely emotional connection, we were seeing each other for a few weeks then stopped. There was no contact for a few weeks, then we were messaging each other regularly and it progressed to every day. There is a really strong emotional connection and have loads of similarities in experience with previous relationships. Then he appears to pull back. Will our relationship develop and progress? He's an Aries aged 46, I'm a Gemini, 41. Thank you!! Feeling confused!


I would like a timeline for my marriage for the next few months.


My dob-(26/jul/1996) Will my ex-girlfriend contact me soon? Will she and I get married soon and live a happy, good life? Her name is neleena


My “boyfriend” recently blindsided me and stopped speaking. Is this his way of breaking up with me, or is there something else going on? What does the future hold for us?