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Hi, I was wondering if you see anyone for me anytime soon? Would you please be able to describe this person as much as possible? Anything you can answer is much appreciated! Thanks so much! R (03/27/1998)


I would like help with direction or some insight to guide my future for me & my children. Will I be alone for a long time?... or will I meet someone new soon?... or will things pick up again with my ex partner?... as we have both cut each other off for now to heal.
Its hard to figure out which path I should be heading down as I haven't gone completely solo for many years. Any guidance to help support decisions I'm considering now would be very beneficial. I don't wish to fail my children with a wrong choice


What will my love life look like over the next few months. I'm a Capricorn born 01/01/1986. My name is Tashae.


Is this relationship over: Danielle March 8th 1989, Da’Juan April 19th 1989. If not when will he contact me? (Timeframe)