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My employer is supposed to help me fix some problems. So far, I am under the impression that time is running out. Can you see if I am still on track to have my issues resolved on time?
What is the timeline do you see?


I was wondering if you see anyone for me anytime soon? Would you please be able to describe this person physically and personality? And possibly provide a timeline or as much detail as possible? Thanks so much!


Hi my dob 15 Sep 1961. Is there someone in workplace who is loving me in secret? Any features or signs? Thanks


Is Neil in love with me and will we meet soon? Hes dob is 23/10/1998


Will me and my husband reconcile in the next 3 months or ever?


My dob-(26/jul/1996) Will my ex-girlfriend contact me soon? Will she and I get married soon and live a happy, good life? Her name is neleena


Where should my next job be? How long before I get there?? because I’m confused as to which career field to go into between Medical or Criminal Justice.

kesharia Cross

I want to know when Matt is going to call or text me again?


Hello, I want to know if me and my ex will still have a second chance? It has been a month and a half since we broke up and talked. His bdate is Nov 9 1990 (Michael) and mine is Khrystyne, July 24 1991. Thank you.


I would like help with direction or some insight to guide my future for me & my children. Will I be alone for a long time?... or will I meet someone new soon?... or will things pick up again with my ex partner?... as we have both cut each other off for now to heal.
Its hard to figure out which path I should be heading down as I haven't gone completely solo for many years. Any guidance to help support decisions I'm considering now would be very beneficial. I don't wish to fail my children with a wrong choice