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Will my partener, the father of my 2 kids, and I break up?
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Morningstar - Psychics Directory
There seems to be a lacking of balance around you and your partner right now and I feel that this needs to be restored, the cards show me love is still there, but it seems to have got lost and needs to find its way back, I don't feel this is the end for you and your partner, but you both need to work together to keep the spark alive.

Barbara G Meyer - Psychics Directory
Barbara G Meyer
I pulled a card: the Ace of wands reversed. I feel there is lack of commitment from both of you. If you don't feel this is a good relationship anymore, it is time to consider leaving it. This will have consequences of course, but you and your partner have a decision to make: recommit to growth IN the relationship or figure out how to co-parent while not being together.

 - Psychics Directory
Umm it's up to you you can only make that decision no you won't break up but what would make you think that you guys will break up what are you doing to make you think he's going to leave you are you cheating on him Do you feel like he's cheating on you or you feel like it's not the same no more I can see you can fix it can be fixed it seems like you both have bad trust issues he feel like you're out cheating