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Why does my husband want to fight and argue about everything
Client Avatar - Psychics Directory Tonya

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Mia - Psychics Directory
Dear Tonya, I've preferred to rephrase your question to "How can you ease the tension between you and your husband" since I feel it more practical than focusing on why. I see that he's quite stressed and he needs to feel that he can win on something, try to make it easy for him and show him some encouragement. Build up his ego since I feel that it is damaged due to external circumstances, as well, try doing something different together in order to renew your feelings, this should bring up improvement in your relationship. Best wishes!

Elaine - Psychics Directory
I don't sense this being argumentative is truly down to you, which is what you feel. Don't we usually take it out on those closest? I sense Tonya, that he has worries deep within. Worrying about general things and blowing them out of proportion. I sense that this may be due to a learned behaviour, or past life. He is aware of what's happening, but is unsure why. It may help to go to neutral ground somewhere, and have a heart to heart. It may help you both.

 - Psychics Directory
Hello Tonya, I consulted the Intuitive Tarot for you and got the Knight of Swords and the Knight of Discs. The knight of Swords could suggest that your husband may see you as being a little compliant and he may simply be trying to get reactions from you. The Knight of Discs may suggest that your husband could be feeling a bit 'lost' and that he could be hitting out to try to find himself. I think that the solution might be in communication. Try to find a quiet time to try to discuss his feelings you may be surprised.