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My ex-boyfriend and I have separated for almost two months now. What is in store for us?
Client Avatar - Psychics Directory Maria

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Elaine - Psychics Directory
Hi Maria, I sense there may have been difficulties around commitment, one of you more keen than the other. I sense the relationship to be dead, more a sorting of feelings and direction to go in. He is standing back at this time to think. I feel the love and passion is there but sense too that this gent likes to look closely at all facets of a situation.

Mia - Psychics Directory
My dear Maria, looking at the cards I do see that the decision is pretty much well settled now. I see that there's a chance for a reconciliation but not in romantic terms, since it seems that your differences are quite irreconcilable at this point. You can get along pretty well in the future but you need to allow time for the wound to heal, trying to stay in touch at the moment would only make things more confusing and bring you more pain. Best wishes!

 - Psychics Directory
Hello Maria. I consulted The Intuitive Tarot for you and got the Knight of Swords and the 6 of Rods. I think that both of these cards could be saying that you need to look forward rather than back and to take care of yourself. Swords are associated with Air and Rods with Fire so it looks like a great passion may soon come into your life; or be rekindled with your ex. But, above all, these cards may be saying that you must do right by yourself, and not slip back into something just because it feels comfortable