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I'm hoping to move house this year. Can you give me an idea of when?
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Rachel Erazo - Psychics Directory
Rachel Erazo
Hello Peter! I went ahead and drew a card for you. You got the Knight of Cups. Cups is associated with the element of water, which is slow and relaxed when flowing. When translating that into time, it means it will be a few months before you move. Use this time to make connections with those you love and trust both your emotions and your intuition in making decisions towards moving. Does a certain apartment 'feel' right? Trust that. Don't second guess yourself; I'm getting that you have a hard time not doing that.

Have a wonderful day!

 - Psychics Directory
Hello . I used the Intuitive Tarot to give an idea of when you might move and I got the 6 of Cups. Cups in the Tarot can be interpreted as relating to months, or the Fall which could suggest around 6 months towards the end of September or the beginning of October. In Tarot, the 6 of Cups can be said to be about letting go of fears and concerns; so it could be that you might have to believe that the move is really right for you and to let go of any worries you may have.

Elaine - Psychics Directory
Hi Peter ☺ After tuning in I sense there are several things to sort out, which you're unsure of how to tackle! A feeling blinded by it despite the desire to move. I then pulled a card. No! That's not a no you're not going to move, but that you have a way to go yet. Concentrate on the now, of getting all in place, and act and think positively in order to manifest your desire more quickly. No cup half empty! It's in the distance this move, I feel the last part of the next 12 months.

Mia - Psychics Directory
My dear Peter, I'm glad to read for you today. I've used my Lenormand cards to answer your question, I see that you may be having some trouble in order to move, but I also see that you will have an unexpected opportunity to do it. I am not given an exact date but I do see that this is going to happen either in spring or in autumn (which I'm more inclined to believe). I see that it is also important to trust your intuition when choosing the moment. Good luck!