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My company is in a big reorganization and I want to know if I am going to be affected negatively or financially
Client Avatar - Psychics Directory Eve

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 - Psychics Directory
Hi Eve, Death & Strength are the cards that showed up for you, showing that there will be some major changes that will try your patience. However Strength is a very strong positive card in itself showing what I think will be more of a positive change for you, anything challenging you will be able to meet head on and negotiate I feel to your advantage. So yes there will be trails to overcome, but I feel you will rise above them to your advantage. If you do decide to leave your company you will cope well too.

 - Psychics Directory
Hi Eve, I used The Intuitive Tarot and I got Temperance which can bring harmony, clarity and respect. I also got The Magician who can bring creativity, choices and achievement. Together, these cards can suggest that you should be able to adapt to the changes and come out smiling. I also drew the Queen of Discs and this card can bring the idea that you need to look after yourself first. I think that these three have come together to say that you should be able to ride out the changes and emerge in a better situation within your workplace

Mia - Psychics Directory
My dear Eve, it's a pleasure to read for you today. What I see in my Lenormand cards is that you will not see your finances affected by this, nor your position. However, I see that this is going to have an emotional effect on you, you will most likely feel an extra pressure and I see that some of the people you're closer to at work could be affected in a more direct way by the situation and this could have a not very pleasing impact in your working environment. When it comes to you, you're pretty safe :)

Elaine - Psychics Directory
Hi Eve, Firstly I would say, don't think negatively about the reorganisation as negative attracts negative. There is a positive in all things. I do not feel you need to worry about finances, that this may turn out to be better than you currently envisage! I sense a woman who is likely to play a role, you may feel threatened by here at present I feel, but she will assist rather than hinder. Positivity in thinking and being with people at work. A few sunstone crystals on your desk or in your pocket will help.

Jacquelyn - Psychics Directory
Hi Eve,

I asked my cards how this change will affect you and pulled the 10 of Cups.
This is a card of happiness, wholeness, and positive connections. I certainly don't see anything negative here! Either you'll keep your current position (stability) or you'll be offered one higher up within the organisation (progress). There's no need to start looking for a new job unless that's what you'd prefer.