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I lost my job 8 months ago, every single interview I have gone on has been a closed door, hands down no. is there any light in my near future? Will I find a suitable position soon?
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Mia - Psychics Directory
Hello dear! I'm looking into this situation with my Lenormand cards for you. I see that things are looking better for you in a couple of months tops. I see that this has been given to you as an opportunity to think about what you really want to do and I see that trying to apply to something you would really enjoy doing could be the key for you to find that so long awaited position my dear. Hope it all turns out alright for you! Best luck!

Thank you all.
Client Avatar - Psychics Directory tlisa

Jacquelyn - Psychics Directory
Hi, I've pulled a couple of cards for you.

Will you find a job soon? 6 of Wands.
This card speaks of victory and achieving your goals - a definite yes!

How can you find this job? Ace of Cups.
Change your approach; apply for jobs different from the ones you have before. Look for positions you think you'd enjoy. Passion for the job may mean more to the employer than your education or experience in the field.

Best of luck!

 - Psychics Directory
Hi tlisa, I drew 3 Lenormand cards for you and what struck me at once is that there could be someone around you, or on your Resume who is not doing you any favours and putting you in an unfavourable light. Once you realize who this is and remove them from your referrals, I feel that a choice of 2 different positions will become available. Although it might be in a completely different path to what you are on now. I wish you the best of luck!

 - Psychics Directory
Hello Tlisa. I used the Intuitive tarot to look at your question and got the Queen of Swords who usually represents someone who is a no-nonsense kind of person who is sure of herself and full-on. Sometimes it can be good to damp down your sense of being up-front and open as this can sometimes make other people feel uncomfortable. In interview situations it can sometimes be better to show a little respect for the interviewer and to try to find some humbleness in yourself so that they can feel better about themselves. Calm precision and good knowledge always work!