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I have recently connected with a man through a mutual friend. Can you please provide any insight/guidance on this it may materialize?
Client Avatar - Psychics Directory Ellen

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Elaine - Psychics Directory
Hi Ellen ~ You say you've connected with this man and certainly there is an attraction on both sides. It can be difficult to see the way forward but you know, your mutual friend and others may be of further benefit here, particularly as friends are apt to talk, and somtimes they can see what you can't. I pulled a tarot card for you 10 of pentacles ~ a good card for you. A time of happiness and feeling secure in your life and around you. Be open for things to develop more quickly than you may imagine.

Mia - Psychics Directory
My dear Ellen, the cards are quite uncertain about the situation. I see that there's going to be a quite confusing beginning, however, I see that this has chances of moving forward. I see that your attitude could make a great difference in the way all of this results. I see that you need to go with the flow, stay open to whatever comes. I see that you could have several dates with this man, keep them casual and fun, with no expectations, be natural and allow things follow their course for a positive outcome. Best luck to you!

Jacquelyn - Psychics Directory
Hi Ellen. After focusing on your question I pulled the Knight of Wands from my deck.

It seems like this man could bring some fun and excitement to your life. He's energetic, passionate, and spontaneous. If that sounds like something you'd enjoy, embrace this opportunity!
That said, this may also fizzle out fairly quickly. A Knight of Wands relationship typically starts quickly, moves fast, and then burns out.

If you're looking for something long-term you won't find it with this man, but some fun in the moment can definitely be had if you choose.

 - Psychics Directory
Hi Ellen, I feel that you both enjoyed each other's company, but he may be weighing up between you and another woman he met, I feel that he thinks you may be a little out of his reach, to good for him despite the attraction. Above all you want stability and will have to ask yourself if he meets your criteria in this, don't settle for anything less because of loneliness.