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What can I do to overcome what I'm going through?
Client Avatar - Psychics Directory Jasmine

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Mia - Psychics Directory
Dearest Jasmine, I've pulled three cards for you and I see that this is meant to be a game changing moment in your life. I see that there's no way out of it but through, this implicates that you need to go through this feelings and this process and you need to analyse the causes of your situation so you gain a better understanding of yourself. This is a process that will mean a before and after in your life, it is going to be difficult but once it's over you'll be good as new. Stop resisting to it. :)

Brittany - Psychics Directory
Hello Jasmine, it's a pleasure to read for you tonight.

I have drawn a single tarot card for you and it strongly urges you to love yourself. Treat yourself with kindness right now and don't be afraid of doing anything you deem silly or imperfect. It's time for a date night, with yourself! Take a deep breath, think positive thoughts, and know that you are important. Buy yourself your favorite food or candy and watch your favorite movie. Self healing goes a long way in overcoming obstacles, as it clears your mind, heart, and soul.

 - Psychics Directory
Hello, Jasmine. I am using the tarot to offer some guidance. I am seeing immense discomfort and perhaps a feeling of vulnerability within you with respect to your situation. There may be over-thinking going on, especially in terms of thoughts of a negative nature, leaving you feeling drained emotionally. To overcome this difficult situation, you may have to use your analytical ability to consider the facts at your disposal, not your hopes. Armed with this knowledge, you are advised to move towards the direction you know to be right, even though it may be full of uncertainty. Best wishes, dear.

 - Psychics Directory
Hi Jasmine, I feel that you are very much up & down in your emotions, I feel that you are very generous with your time & energy, perhaps even money, but it has not been returned to you in kind. I am getting a really heavy weighty feeling from you, & feel that someone has offered to help you but you have refused wanting to go it alone and figure it out on your own, my advice is to take that offer of help. We all need to lean on someone every now & again. Take Care