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How is he feeling about our breakup and will he contact me to reconcile? There has been no contact for over 2 weeks on both sides. I'm usually the one to make contact first after an argument but I’m committed to not giving in this time. This relationship has lasted for nearly 9 years but I’m not sure it will survive this breakup. Please feel free to offer your insights, thanks!
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Jacquelyn - Psychics Directory
Will he contact you?
Ace of Cups. Yes - he's feeling intense emotions and may not be able to put them into words right now, but he will let you know what they are when he's ready.

I also pulled a guidance card for you, the 6 of Swords.
This suggests you move onward and upward. Him contacting you may be what you want but it will lead to more of the same - a cycle of fights and making up. You have the chance to find something more stable and positive, and this card recommends taking it. Good luck!

Brittany - Psychics Directory
Greetings JP, it's a pleasure to read for you today.

Both cards came out as Chalices, which I intuit to mean there is still feelings hanging in there between you both, especially on your side. The Knight of Chalices is the romantic sort that will seek out a relationship and mend those that have been broken. I do sense that he will be in contact in the near future, but feelings do take a little bit to mend. In time, the 10 of Chalices points to a happy ending to this situation, togetherness and bonding. I wish you well!

Mia - Psychics Directory
My dear JP, I've pulled a few cards to analyze your situation. From your partner's perspective I see that they're trying to stay cold and be rational about the situation. I see that they're not acting out of anger, but they're starting to consider that the relationship has failed too many times. From your perspective, you've gone through incredible efforts but as well you're tired and I see that you should probably start thinking of letting go. I see that you can recover the relationship, but I don't see it working unless big changes are made. Best of luck!

 - Psychics Directory
Hi JP, right now I feel that the lack of contact will remain so for awhile yet, I feel that either one, or both of you have gotten bored with the relationship and start arguments for the sake of spicing things up. What you have to ask yourself is after 9 years is do you really want to continue on this way? Or do you want to start afresh with a new person who meets all your needs without any burdens put on you to maintain a one sided relationship,by that I mean you always making contact first.