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My ex and I recently broke up. Has he really forgiven me? What's in store for me now with respect to love and relationships?
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Jacquelyn - Psychics Directory
Has your ex forgiven you?
7 of Swords. Not yet, but he's keeping it quiet and is on his way to healing. Don't worry, he'll get there with a bit more time.

What's in store love-wise?
4 of Cups. Nothing too exciting just yet, looks as though you may be single for a little while. That's okay, you'll have some time to yourself - enjoy the peace and quiet while you have the chance! Take time to pamper yourself and do the things you weren't able to do when you were with your ex.

Best wishes!

Brittany - Psychics Directory
I am sorry to hear about your break up Annie. I have pulled a couple of tarot cards for your questions.

He's trying to forgive you. He's working up to it and he will do so in time. Much like the tree in the card, he is rebuilding his roots and grounding himself before coming to terms with the situation. The next card brings quick movement into the scene of your relationships, the Knight of Swords is waiting to sweep you off your feet once you are ready for a new adventure.

Take care and best wishes!

Mia - Psychics Directory
My dear Annie, I'm looking into my cards for you and I see that your ex has no ill feelings for you at the moment but prefers to avoid contact by now. I see that in regards with your love life, there's someone about to enter in your life, I see him coming in a matter of months. I see that he's some years your senior, perhaps he's some kind of acquaintance of yours but not someone close. I see that this person is a caregiver so he probably works in a hospital, hospice or something similar. Best wishes.

 - Psychics Directory
Hi Annie, 3 Cups & The World, Right now I think your ex is sleeping on it in regards to forgiveness. I am under the impression that there was a love triangle with one of you looking the other way in regards to this, but now they can't do this anymore. As for future love don't rely on going out to parties to much to try and find the right person, I think travel might be the answer to meeting someone so if getting away from it all was a thought in your mind do it!