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When will I meet the King of Cups will it be this year?
Client Avatar - Psychics Directory Samantha

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Brittany - Psychics Directory
Thank you for your question Samantha! I have pulled a single tarot card that may bring you some light on this!

The Knight of Wands is swift moving fire energy, bringing me the feeling of "Yes!" The warmth of the card leads me to believe that this meeting will happen in the early summer months. Keep your eye out!

Mia - Psychics Directory
Hi dear Samantha, I'm giving a look at this for you and the cards are telling me that you're on the right path but you'll most likely have to wait for a while yet. I see that there are some blockages and issues you need to work through, one of them being your fear of not finding him. I see that you also have some trust issues and working on them would favour his appearance. I see that once you're done dealing with this a new path will open for you, but I feel that it's oriented to 2018 :)

 - Psychics Directory
Hi Samantha, I got the King Swords in answer to your question, it seems that there may be another contender for your affections that you may be missing, as you are so focused on finding/meeting the King Cups. I have a feeling that this King is just waiting for you to notice him, the colour blue may be important to/for you in some way whether this King wears blue a lot, or it's in a blue building that's high up in the sky. He seems to be looking down at you, so he could be tall!