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I want to know what feelings this scorpio guy around 25 oct born who was in my class has for me? I am late pisces with aries influence. And when is he going to me ask me out? His intials are PN . Mine are SS
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Brittany - Psychics Directory
Hello there, thank you for allowing me to do this short reading for you!

I pulled a couple of tarot cards for you to help link me to your question, and from what I can feel from them, PN does have a growing interest in you. They may be deep inside, but he does have those passing thoughts that are slowly blooming into something more. While it's been slow going, he may be on the verge of taking it a step further in the near future. Keep an eye out!

Best wishes.

 - Psychics Directory
Hello. I used The God Tarot to have a look at what is around you at the moment. The Two of Coins can suggest caution and that he may not be as emotionally ready as you are to admit to his feelings. Be careful. In numerology, your initials add up to 2 and his to 3 which often suggests compatibility in a relationship. In Astrology you could be a good match too but do remember the emotional differences suggested by the Two of Coins. It's likely that he likes you but asking you out may not be on his mind.

Elaine - Psychics Directory
Using my gifts, my initial feelings are that the water sign of scorpio would match your piscean traits, but the water may dampen your fire. I sense a passion in him but feel he is unsure of you(and of himself) and how you may feel. Make a gesture if you can to point him in the right direction, however I sense that he may not 'jump' straight away. I sense a previous relationship to heal from.

 - Psychics Directory
Greetings, Girl.

I have drawn some tarot cards; I am seeing that PN finds you to be very attractive as well as to be someone who gains a lot of attention and admiration from the people around you in an effortless manner. He sees the potential of a meaningful connection with you. Unfortunately, he may be feeling slightly timid precisely because of the way he perceives you as well as a deep fear of being rejected. There is strong potential to take things further; however, you will have to give him encouragement through clear signs of interest.

All the best!

Mia - Psychics Directory
My dear SS, I'm happy to give you a hand. I've pulled a row of my Lenormand cards for you, what I see is that he considers you quite attractive and that he did show you some interest at the beginning. I see that this man is having a hard time at home and it is influencing him in the dating arena. I see that communication between you could have slowed down lately and I do not see him asking you out soon. However, trying to bring communication back could help the situation get better. Best wishes!