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My boyfriend has been living with me for 18months but now moving out as he is embarassed to be here ? It was meant to be a temporary arrangement he feels like a beggar of sorts I he pays half the rent ! He is moving wont say where exactly said he will in time when his new roomies get to know him! This has hurt and confused will we be ever be the same ? Im totally confused will this nove be for the best for both of us? It seems to me like a step backwards
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Elaine - Psychics Directory
Hi Charlaine. I sense claircognizantly that he has felt overwhelmed and I feel a fear of commitment. Not due to you, due to a past relationship, maybe another lifetime. He is sidestepping I feel, to give him self space to try and work things out. Don't see it as a step backwards I'm getting, rather take the time to analyse how you truly feel too. Take the positive stance and take some time to love you at this time. Quiet your mind and take note of any feelings or thoughts you have. Let the truth of the matter reveal itself.

 - Psychics Directory
Greetings, Charlaine.

I have drawn some tarot cards; I am seeing that your boyfriend may currently be feeling very imbalanced in his personal life. This may mean that his current living situation is affecting his sense of autonomy and independence. As such, he may appear closed off emotionally towards you; this, however, does not mean that he does not love you. The move may be the step that will return some sense of stability and positivity to the connection between the two of you. I encourage you to be optimistic and supportive of him at this time.

All the best!

Mia - Psychics Directory
My dear Charlaine, I do perfectly understand how you feel since when you're living with a partner it feels a complete step back to stop doing it. Checking on this with the cards, I see that he feels his "macho" side quite hurt, he feels that the house doesn't belong to him and he is kind of ashamed since he wants to be a provider for you. There's little you can do except letting it be, however, I see that the situation is quite likely to improve in the future. Best wishes!

 - Psychics Directory
8 Swords is what came up, this card indicates that he feels trapped in the relationship with you and in doing so has moved out. It is a cowardly way of doing so and to not even tell you where he is going suggests that there is more to the story then he is letting on. If I were you I would of demand to know what is going on, if he won't come clean then move on with your life without him. Life is too short.

Brittany - Psychics Directory
Greetings Charlaine, I'm happy to read for you on this issue. Given the information, I have asked our guides to come forward so I could draw a card on where this relationship is going.

The Three of Pentacles shows me that only with coordination and togetherness can you build a foundation to last. You have to work together even more so right now. It may be he feels that this move will help build something better, but you both need to be on the same page or else it won't work. Communicate and trust your instincts. Build off one another.