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I have been unhappily married for 15 years. I went to see an osteopath for a back problem. There was an instant spiritual connection with this man. He has been a catalyst. He is caring asks personal questions I opened up and told him everything. He holds me and does this every week now. It is only instinct that tells me he feels this connection,his eyes. No line has been crossed but I’d like to. Does he feel this too and will anything romantic or sexual become of this? It is an extremely deep connection that I cannot explain.
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Angela - Psychics Directory
Hi, Sarah! I did a lovers tarot spread and it looks like there is potential for this relationship to move into the romantic realm, but word of caution- this comes with a price. You are currently emotionally unavailable. If you start this relationship before ending your current marriage, you run the risk of causing irreparable damage to the relationship itself. It looks as if he also may be trying to leave a situation? You both want this, but it looks like it's a way of escaping another situation, rather than to form an intimate bond.

Mistress Heather - Psychics Directory
Mistress Heather
It is wonderful that you are opening up to new perspectives and opportunities. I sense the marriage has been very restrictive, this person cannot be satisfied. It is important to not give too much. This is a new deep connection. This comes from not having this for a long time. Spirit states break free and avoid a messy love triangle. Follow your heart. This is going to be a challenging time, in choosing to break free, you will be with someone who gives as much love as you do.

Blessings of love and light!

Ali - Psychics Directory
Although I understand the connection you feel, it's more the connection with the heng energy, not the conduit. He is an energy worker. It's not him your falling for, but the unconditional love you feel through spiritual energy.

Shikha - Psychics Directory
Hi thank you for choosing me for the reading,
I see that there is lot of physical attraction between Youtwo and lot of emotional exchange also between you going further this emotions would increase. He has feeling of emotions and friendlinessin his heart but it would take a courage to come out . Keep patience for sometime and go with the flow.
You need to open your heart wider if you want the relationship and you need to have faith in yourself and go ahead divine energy is ensuring that only the trustworthy people would be there in your life

Chloe  - Psychics Directory
Yes I can see that he feels it too. However I also feel that he is ethical and will not likely cross any ethical boundaries. Regardless is what happens with him you are in a time of major growth and expansion. You are finally blooming. This is a wonderful time for you and success in all your endeavors is likely. You are reaching a new level of confidence.

Chloe McAlister - Psychics Directory
Chloe McAlister
Tarot says you are being reminded of what is missing so you can hold on tight to your home. I see you have sacrificed for the kids. Is this doctor younger? You see him as exciting and you crave to be rescued? He sees you as fragile, I am afraid this may lead to a misunderstanding and for sure an imbalance in your relationship with him if taken farther. Enjoy this connection for what it is, not everyone is lucky enough to experience this. Let this give you strength in who you are and what you deserve from other people.