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My boyfriend is refusing to talk to me. He has totally withdrawn. What's really going on with him?
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Lulu Al-Turki - Psychics Directory
Lulu Al-Turki
I've looked at the cards and it seems like he has found something more exciting. It looks as if he has a pretty heavy decision that he has been weighing, recently. This doesn't necessarily indicate infidelity. But I definitely see him weighing some options. There is quite a bit on his mind and he honestly isn't sure if he feels the same way that he used to about you. I would recommend some clear and concise communication between you guys.

The reality of the situation is a combo of almost everything above. His energy is very scattered and hard to pin point. Not sure anyone here was able to connect with the situation deeply or give insight I did not already have.
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Stacia - Psychics Directory
He has withdrawn to process his emotions. I feel like he felt something so strong it scared him and instead of running toward love he ran the other way. He is processing his thoughts and emotions and trying to decide his best move. Alot of people are scared to love or be love and they push it away. I would love to get into this deeper fpr u and ask my cards what the blockages between u and how to best overcome them ...or we could even pull ur birth charts to see what's written in the stars

Barbara G Meyer - Psychics Directory
Barbara G Meyer
Sorry, Jenny but you are being Ghosted. This is extraordinarily rude. I can't tell you why he has done this. the cards I get are all reversed,This says this is NOT your fault (8 of wands Rx--you didn't do anything but now you must face the consequences of his actions.) And not in your control. It is time to get serious (3 of cup Rx) about whether you want to stay with such a rude and unfeeling person. Strength Rx indicates you can't do anything to change him. Time to dump this big baby. Move on and find someone adult.

Giuliana - Psychics Directory
Hello, dear. He wants to be on his own now. There may be family related issues with a male figure as well. it seems that he wants to control the relationship. He's a bit possessive with his things, but, again, tarot suggests its a temporary situation, try to talk with him showing him trust and care, focus on what you both are grateful for so far, and you'll see things will get better. Hope you're fine, dear. Blessings.

April  - Psychics Directory
I connected with you using Tarot;the messages received with 7 of Swords, perhaps he isn't being honest about his feelings or may be trying to manipulate you rather than being of Swords can indicate a stalemate or your relationship is at a you have been arguing,cannot agree on an important decision and need a can signal a painful choice needs to be made regarding the relationship but neither will,because the pain a decision will of Cups can signal too much focus fantasizing what he thinks the relationship should be or unhappy the initial high is gone.

Chloe  - Psychics Directory
He’s feeling the need for a little space right now. Allow him this space so he can bring his energy back into balance. If you give him the space he needs he will come back around.