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Having a lot of trouble making a decision. Can you help?
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Lulu Al-Turki - Psychics Directory
Lulu Al-Turki
I can absolutely help! Tell me a bit more about what's going on. Tarot is one of the best ways to gain clarification regarding decisions in our lives. So, you have come to the right place!

Anchoress - Psychics Directory
Hi, Sarah:

SELF: 3 of Wands - Someone in this situation has some choices to make or a “wandering eye.”

SITUATION: 7 of Swords - Try not to overlook the details in the situation, as this can undo the plans or decisions (see card immediate above). Use your brain and subtle tactics, not aggressiveness.

OUTCOME: Judgment - Judgment is the card of results. When it pops up, it means you are about to get an outcome to the situation (see card immediate above). Relationships can go from dating to marriage, or from dating to endings, or similar.

Blessings to you.

 - Psychics Directory
Hello Sarah, You have the chance of a new opportunity but you're unsure & you're balancing what you have now with what you could have. I feel that you need to let things unfold as naturally as possible & don't push the issue too hard. Take time to reassess & let what is emerging come through as naturally as possible. Only then will you feel accomplished in your decision and reap the rewards of your reflection & thought of covering all your bases. Don't rush into anything, let it flow & go with your feelings.

Barbara G Meyer - Psychics Directory
Barbara G Meyer
This is a very vague question so the answer will probably be vague too. I pulled a card and got 4 of cups --you have several good choices but none of them are what you want. So the answer to the question, "which should I choose?" is driving you crazy since you suspect the right answer is "none of the above." The REAL question you need to ask is "what do I really want?" When you have defined the question better, an decision will be much easier to make.

Giuliana - Psychics Directory
Hello, dear. As you don't specify your topic clearly, I should say that you may be experiencing regret or sadness about what to leave behind, the keyword here is to embrace yourself, if it's about a break (of any kind) realize it's for your good and development. By making up your mind, you're letting a necessary change happen in your life, do not refuse to take some time to retreat and relax or you may end up exhausted, so change attitude and let go. Hope you're fine dear. Blessings.