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Will my ex boyfriend and I be able to save our relationship? Thank you for your time and energy
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Holly Golightley - Psychics Directory
Holly Golightley
Hi Megan. Your relationship can be saved (The World card) but you need help getting past a bad place (The Chariot, 5 of Wands - strife, chaotic imbalance). View my profile and book with me for a full guidance session! I CAN help you.

 - Psychics Directory
I feel their's a need for you to trust in yourself more. Trust in your heart & your feelings. Try to step off the path you've set for yourself & take a chance or two. The rewards are far greater than you would think. Happiness is looming & will come to you with positive energy & passion. I see a reconnection & a celebration & while their is effort needed from both of you I sense that things are about to unfold in your favour on a love & relationship level. Believe in yourself & you'll reap the rewards.

Anchoress - Psychics Directory
Dear Megan - The cards were favorable, and are telling me that you should be able to accomplish what you want. You have the means to succeed, but you'll both need to work at it. But I’m m also strongly sensing that your reconciliation will only be possible when either/both of you stop regretting and rehashing the past, put past thoughts out of your mind, and turn toward the future. Letting the past go will be the only way. That’s what I’m getting for you. Wishing you all the very best. Blessings to your relationship.

Giuliana - Psychics Directory
Hello, dear. Tarot says that there's been conflict, you should listen to each other’s points of views, release this conflict to try again. There's a chance to rebuild this relationship by reminding the ups and positive moments of the relationship, focusing on what is working and what needs to be changed. It's more likely that you have a good physical attraction, do bear in mind that this connection exists predominantly ,think about if you need more of this or need to open up your heart more. Hope you are fine, blessings, dear.

Barbara G Meyer - Psychics Directory
Barbara G Meyer
I have pulled cards for you, Megan. I don't think you should wait for this guy, he is not worth it. I see 10 of cups--you had what you THOUGHT was a good relationship. I want you to relax and really SEE what your Ex is like: I see knight of cups reversed. He is just not dependable. Maybe he comes by when HE feels like it and you jump to make him comfortable (Knight of swords) in the hopes that he will see what he is missing and want to return. He won't change. Change YOURSELF and move on.

April  - Psychics Directory
Your Tarot reading shows you were in a cycle of fighting needlessly or trying to get your point across. You’ve spent more time fighting then loving. Your best course of action lies with the only thing you can control, you. Approach this situation with patience, and be ready to move when the situation changes.
You will have a chance to change paths, leading to personal growth and happiness, if you can find the strength to change your way of thinking. You will find the security to pursue your ambitions in a new love.
Positive NEW beginnings are coming.