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Where do you see my love life within the next few months?
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Giuliana - Psychics Directory
Hello, dear. Tarot says that you may have suffered a recent loss or have been through a breakup. Now is the time to heal your wounds in the next months. You should focus on more equal relationships and decide to do the things you want in a relationship, you have had enough meeting the needs of others. You will embark on a journey that will make you stronger and wiser, you are such a caring woman. By releasing yourself of any inner conflict, this will help you in your future relationships. I hope you are fine. Blessings, dear.

April  - Psychics Directory
Good evening,
Consulting tarot cards, it seems that your self-confidence is likely to be increasing during this time & this should help you toward your goals. You may be searching for change, adventure & excitement. It’s a time for new experiences & people will suddenly enter your life, or leave your life. Invest time in yourself, your interests & look for new experiences that will make you happy and bring growth. While you do, you may meet someone who you have a brief relationship with that is fueled with passion and excitement.

Barbara G Meyer - Psychics Directory
Barbara G Meyer
MY reply to a question like that is always: where do you WANT it to be? I can't predict what WILL happen with your dating life, a lot depends on what you want? I see 10 of cups--you may be in a happy relationship now or at least a comfortable one. But ace of cups reversed--you feel you are doing all the giving and no getting back. Finally, 7 of swords (denial) you may think it will change, but the only one you can change is YOU--you can't change your lover. So accept him as he IS or move on.

Kat - Psychics Directory
3 queens Marlene! Either you are into chicks or this is your energy! You might be alone and becoming self sufficient in the next months, with the 9 of pentacles there, but it could be a 3rd party situation with the 3 of pentacles there. You may soon be competing with a fire sign woman (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) who is feisty and wants to win this man or woman you both are after. This happens suddenly and big changes ahead for you with them he wheel of fortune. Your energy feels strong and better than it’s been in a while!

Andre - Psychics Directory
Hi Marlene. I pulled three tarot cards for you.
From what I'm interpreting here, you've been having a real tough time in your relationships, arguments, fights, separations. It seems now you're ready to love again, however, you still feel overwhelmed and emotional about moving forward. This causes you to be a bit shy or introverted, making hard for men to approach you or to realize what you really feel it want. Right now, or at least in the next ten months, I don't see any significant relationship for you. And if you are currently in one, things may end suddenly.