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Hello, I’m wondering how long will my lover and I will last and will we be a long lasting couple? My bday is 08/23/95, his bday is 05/13/95. I want timelines, please.
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Kat - Psychics Directory
This relationship has the potential to last a good while. I see you respect each other as equals and take your responsibilities seriously. You understand each other very well, and find security and balance within this relationship. As for exact timelines that’s not exactly how i use the tarot but what I do you see is that this relationship will be very meaningful for the both of you. You will feel secure within This relationship. You will not be afraid to really go for it and it should be quite exciting and fulfilling for you both. Happy for you !
April  - Psychics Directory
Your Tarot cards indicate by Justice & Strength reversed-we need to remember we teach people how to treat us, what we put up with, in-turn what we end up with. You may feel ready for the relationship you deserve, but you haven’t learned the lessons from past relationships to avoid repeating mistakes. You’re possibly caught up in the initial excitement of new love. It could indicate that while your relationship is strong, low self-esteem may leave you feeling unworthy of the love received. Ace of pentacles could indicate that it may last a year or until next winter.
Giuliana - Psychics Directory
Hello, dear. I'll answer your question with tarot. Cards suggest a timing of no more than two months, a probable ending may occur in late june with a short reconciliation afterwards that doesnt seem to pass this year. It's not long lasting because it lacks clarity of emotions, you both should define it in more specific terms, think if this relationship trully fullfil you, there's hesitation to make a long term commitment and a tendency to be on the defensive, in other words, cards dont show a healthy evolution in this relationship. Hope youre fine. Blessings, dear.