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Hello I would like to ask about my current relationship and what the future has in store for us as. thank you and blessings ?
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Hekattee - Psychics Directory
Blessings Mea, looking at your relationship, I am picking up very positive vibes. I can see that you and your partner are very much on the same page and want the same things in the long term. You share a deep connection and understanding. Sure, there may be some challenges on the path ahead, but I see that your love and respect for one another is going to keep you together. I have drawn a card to look closer and the Two of Cups indicates a soulmate connection. Stay confident and focused. Namaste x

Andre - Psychics Directory
Hi there. I used a three card tarot spread for you. From what I gather here, the relationship is fairly recent andyou both have good chemistry and mental connection. However, things are up in the air right now and you may feel like losing the connecting. He's a bit self centered and that's ok. Unfortunately, I don't see a good perspective for the future, I got cards that indicate you will go separate ways within a few months. I do hope that's not the case. But I'm just the messenger.
Thanks and blessings.

October Violet - Psychics Directory
October Violet
I will have to be honest with you. There is a lot of confusion in the three cards I drew for this question. I see a problem of stability in your partner, and suffering in you, and together, there is a lot of restlessness. This is usually a sign that the two of you have individual issues that you need to address before you can work on your relationship. However, I do see signs of white light, which shows signs of a long and happy time together as you work on your own self issues. I hope this resonates.

Holly Golightley - Psychics Directory
Holly Golightley
Hi Mea! Using Tarot I've pulled Temperance, the 2 of Cups, The Magician, and The Hierophant. This is a lot of big, positive energy for your connection! You're relationship is sure to deepen and it may progress to the point of a serious commitment, such a living together or even marriage. The biggest concern I see here is to not try to push your significant other into acting before they are ready, They love you, and the right time will come will to take those next steps, so enjoy your partner and your love! Many blessings!

April  - Psychics Directory
Your relationship brings balance into your life and you may go through a period of uncertainly; but negative and positive feelings are equally important parts of life. Have faith, you are on track to happiness and harmony. You will find greater emotional happiness and stability. This can be a very practical and mutually beneficial relationship, as well as a strong, passionate one. Respect each other, and see how far you can go. Any mistakes are tiny ones, so enjoy learning how to be happier and at ease with each other. For the time being, relax and give it a chance.