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What can the divine tell me about the relationship I have with my husband?
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Giuliana - Psychics Directory
Hello, madam. Cards suggest that you should take a step forward and leave this toxic relationship, it points out that there is not true love here, I see you are an intuitive, caring woman, a wonderful partner, and parent, but he is neglecting you, there is a stuck moment and no progress seems to happen soon, you may have challenging moments, you may feel quite lonely and isolated, hopefully it does not reach your financial situation too. Trust your inner wisdom, if you think there is something wrong it is very probably true, communicate more openly. Blessings for you.

yoi - Psychics Directory
Hi! I’ve used the tarot and picked up several things about your relationship. It suggests that you have a strong relationship with him but may be worried about its stability and whether it will last the the test of the time. The cards indicate that it will, but there seems to be some restlessness here, a fiery energy. The cards suggest you find ways to calm this energy and elevate the peace, joy, and appreciation between you. Make your relationship a safe haven where you can both retreat to. Practice patience with each other. Enjoy what you already have.

Kat - Psychics Directory
Hi Dollie, the two of Cups, the empress and the page of pentacles here tell me that this is a true love connection where the partners are equal in respect to each other. That you could have a baby on the way, or the “birth” of a new opportunity, bringing both security and stability to this relationship is just on the horizon. Yay! : )

Anchoress - Psychics Directory
Hi, Dollie. Lots of good energy in this reading! SELF - Ace of Wands - You may have gotten married young and/or may be hoping for a surge of positive energy in your marriage. SITUATION - Queen of Wands - The Queen symbolizes lots of positive energy, but watch boundaries. Marriage grows in healthy, productive way. This can be a child or renewed bonding with husband. OPPORTUNITY/CHALLENGE - The Empress - Husband may need to develop his feminine side. Marriages become deeper, more meaningful when Empress is around, whether a child or not. Blessings to you!

Barbara G Meyer - Psychics Directory
Barbara G Meyer
Emperor reversed says that you want perfect in this relationship. You can't get perfect, sorry. Even if you are married to your soul mate eventually reality will interfere and you will sometimes be bored and sometimes just angry or resentful at him. Stop looking for perfect and start working on REAL communication and your relationship will last forever.