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I’m concerned with intimacy in my relationship, what do you see with this, anything I need to be aware of and will it get better? Thank you
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Thank you
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Kat - Psychics Directory
Hi Marisa,the sun card tells me that this is where you are both supposed to be. So,any issues you are having are likely to be short lived. The five of cups tells me that there may have been a loss or some disappointment between you two. Or one of you experienced loss in your life, separate from the partner, and this may be affecting the intimacy in your relationship together. But because the six of wands is here there will be a victory and resolution very soon.

Monica - Psychics Directory
Hi Marisa, I see that there is a feeling of being mentally trapped or stuck with the feeling of not being able to make future plans or even that there is no future. The focus seems to be about burdens and stress and less about you being happy Lovers. The oracle cards advise you to take a step back and remember the happy times and know that that happiness, love and abundance are available now too! Have gratitude and appreciation and know that the limitations you feel are mental. A change in thinking and focus will help.

Vera - Psychics Directory
I see incompatibility between the two. Different personalities. Although good friends. You have a pattern of choosing partners you think it’s good enough for have the desire to have satisfying relationship but you don’t think is possible. You may had a father who judged you for being passionate or this is how you perceived your father to be about you or ’s why you feel awkward giving and receiving. Whenever you find yourself thinking this all you deserve and no more, you’ll be aware everytime happens, and it will become less unconscious.

Anchoress - Psychics Directory
Hi, Marisa. I used a 3-card spread to answer your question.

Card 1 – The Self: Queen of Pentacles
Archetype of loving kindness. A good thing, but take care of what's healthy and sensible for yourself.

Card 2 – Situation: Knight of Pentacles
As a Court Card, likely your partner. Solid, hardworking, patient. May not seem "emotional" to you. Things likely moving slowly.

Card 3 – Challenges/Opportunities: Nine of Swords
Anxiety, fear, keeping one up at night. When you repeat negative thoughts in your head, you manifest them in your life. This card asks you to break that cycle.


 - Psychics Directory
I'm being shown that one of you is clearly putting more into this relationship than the other. All is not equal concerning “give & take”. There’s a lack of understanding of what you really need. I feel a sense of real loneliness on your part. I’m sensing two major things. Your soul desires real change and real love because it isn’t getting what you truly need from this relationship. There is a major change being set in motion but I'm feeling it's more of a new beginning for you & that in your own heart you have considered this.

Giuliana - Psychics Directory
Hi, dear. I am going to a seer your question tarot. Cards say that you should focus on creating balance in the relationships and maintain a calm approach at the moment. You may be desiring to return to the happy place in which it once was. The relationship may become more practical than romantic. You may get very critical with each other and face challenging situations. One of you may be thinking to step out on your own and explore new relationships or one of you are not really committed yet. Dear, that is what I see, blessings to you.