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Will my ex Dylan (April 18,1997) and I (March 7,1997) get back together? What’s the reason for his hot and cold behaviour since we broke up w few months ago. I’m lost on what I could do or say to make this situation between him and I better as I only want to be with him. We broke up because of circumstances and it’s been painful to be away from him.
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 - Psychics Directory
Hello Jessica, Your Tarot reading. I'm sensing Dylan hasn't quite matured yet to be in a serious relationship. I'm feeling you have a desire for "Real Love" and it's time to move on from this 's major changes in your life so you need to let go of emotional baggage that's attached to your past and continue on your own path. You should go forward, embracing new beginnings, taking the experience gained from this relationship. I'm being shown that you have the strength that's needed to put all this behind you and step forward and find true love. Be strong.

Peter - Psychics Directory
Hello Jessica. I feel your pain. The Page of Swords suggests that Dylan is full of ambitions and contradictions and that he doesn't know his own mind. I feel that he runs hot and cold all the time right now, not just with you; he just can't decide where he's going. It's not really up to you to make things better, that's his job, but perhaps you can help him to see what it is that he really wants by getting out and enjoying your own life. That'll be hard, but you will surely feel better not just waiting around.

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Barbara G Meyer
You broke up. End of discussion. He is hot and cold, because he comes around only when HE wants to now. I pull a card and I get 3 of cups, there is no seriousness about this "relationship" any more. YOU still want to be with him but he is not attached to YOU anymore.

Move on now. Make it a clean break. Mourn the loss of the dream of what could have been. Then move on and find yourself a new person who is really there for you and really wants a relationship with YOU. This is over.

Kat - Psychics Directory
The best thing to do after a break up is GO NO CONTACT. Trust me on that. I know the FIRST thing we always want to do is try anything to get them to be back with us, but this WILL NOT WORK. Jessica what you need to do is simple, yet can be difficult until you see the results yourself. 1. DO NOT CONTACT HIM. Don’t reach out to him, and if he contacts you, do NOT respond to him. NO MATTER WHAT. You need to make time apart in order for him to realize what he has lost.