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I’m concerned with intimacy in my relationship, what do you see with this, anything I need to be aware of and will it get better?
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Lulu Al-Turki - Psychics Directory
Lulu Al-Turki
The cards tell me that your partner can't open up and be vulnerable in an intimate way. This can change but they have to do the work to find the issues causing this. You are unfulfilled and feeling empty because they take it as a personal attack or shut down when you bring it up or try to change things. I do not see infidelity on their part, but work must be done or this will not change and you will be left unfulfilled.

Brittany - Psychics Directory
Good morning Marisa! Thank you for your question. I pulled a couple of tarot cards for you regarding your questions. I'm seeing the current state of your intimacy is remaining stable, neither getting better or worse, however, I feel that it has the capacity to become more fragile, in a sense, in the future. What I mean with fragility is that it may lessen dramatically for any small reason. Do you feel that you're walking on eggshells in this relationship? My advice is to strike a balance between work and play, personal and partner time. Wishing you the best!

Peter - Psychics Directory
Hi Marisa. In the Intuitive Tarot the King of Cups and the Ten of Discs can suggest that the person you are with may not be as emotionally mature as you. There is also an idea that you need to honestly look at how the relationship developed. Intimacy can mean different things, emotional and physical, so you should decide which of these is the issue and ask if this has always been the case or if it is a recent thing. Perhaps you both simply have different ideas on intimacy, but communication and discussion are always the best way forward.

Barbara G Meyer - Psychics Directory
Barbara G Meyer
I have pulled cards on this and I must say, this relationship is very stuck. One of you wants more intimacy and the other does not. I think you need to sit down and TALK about this. If you want more intimacy, you need to ask your partner WHY they don't? if your partner wants more and you do not, you need to tell them what you are willing to participate in and again, why. You may very well break up over this, but honesty will serve you both better than continuing to argue over a stalemate.

Stacia - Psychics Directory
Of you're feeling there is no longer the same desire or connection than yes you should be worried. I asked the tarot about your situation and I pulled the hanged man and the swords. Someone is hiding something. I'd love to give you a full reading so I can help you get to the bottom of your issues and find the truth

George - Psychics Directory
I pulled a couple of Lenormand cards to see what the problem was and I got Snake+Tree which suggests a health issue. It doesn't say who with so if you feel physically fine then you might want to tactfully ask your partner if they are ok? Could be over worked, stressed, etc or something else they aren't talking about or even aware of.