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When will my love life improve. Currently have an attraction to a man, but don’t know if it’s mutual as they seem shy too. 29 year old female Scorpio
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Hekattee - Psychics Directory
Blessings Mary. I see that your main priority should be to help improve your confidence, and you can do this by being extra kind to yourself and finding out what makes you happy. Set yourself small challenges, especially around socializing, find out about clubs and activities in your local area that you might enjoy and express your creativity. You have a lot of creative energy within you. You will see that as your confidence grows, this rubs off on those around you, and in particular this man. I sense the attraction is mutual, and you could have something very

Thank you to everyone who read for me. I really appreciate your time. I feel I relate most to the confidence one, I’m always comparing myself which I shouldn’t . I do find it Is improving due to diet and exercise.
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Barbara G Meyer - Psychics Directory
Barbara G Meyer
If you are interested in someone, ask them out for coffee! Break the ice yourself. If they seem "shy" it could be they are simply not interested. I pulled a card and got 2 of Pentacles--I think he is already taken and that is why he is not interested. So move on now. Find someone who is receptive to your interest and stop wasting your time.

Mia - Psychics Directory
Hi Mary! It's a pleasure to be reading for you today! What the Tarot cards are telling me is that there is an important difference between you and this man in terms of expectations and while there's an attraction in here, you are on different pages and you are currently more invested than he is in the relationship. Nonetheless, the cards are hinting changes in your love life towards summer with the appearance of a new and promising romantic interest.

George - Psychics Directory
I pulled a few cards for you. Just one tarot card to start, the 9 of Swords, and then 3 cards for clarification and solution (sun, devil, 4 of swords). What I'm reading from this is that you are over analysing everything which is spoiling your chances. Trying a bit too hard rather than just letting things happen naturally. Relaxed, comfortable with yourself and confident is attractive to both sexes. You need to fix this and the 4 of swords would suggests meditation, yoga or breathing exercises. You can't plan for happiness, you can only make space for it.

Bonnie Marie McL - Psychics Directory
Bonnie Marie McL
I feel as though there is something there between you too. He is shy to pursue so the ball is in your court. ;) It may be a struggle at first but I see it being well worth the time and patience.