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I’m Janet dob July 9 78
Will I reconcile w my ex James or meet somoene new he’s feb 6 79
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Jennifer McVey - Psychics Directory
Jennifer McVey

Hi Janet :) It looks like this is something that happens a lot (back and forth). I can see you meeting someone new but not until you're ready to let go of James. And, it looks like he comes back. SideNote: It does look like you really love him. Ask yourself can you be happy/comfortable/satisfied if this pattern keeps happening. It doesn't look like love is your problem-it looks like there's a miscommunication and incompatibility- because of the miscommunication (verbal and action/behavioral). I hope that helps. Watch your thinking, you have tendency to spin on the negative.

Hekattee - Psychics Directory
Blessings Janet, I see that you and James have had a lot of ups and downs in your relationship, and you have been going round in circles for some time. It may be best to break this cycle and think of moving on, because there is so much more out there waiting for you. Right now, it's best that you focus on yourself, don't rush into any relationship, just take your time exploring what makes YOU happy and give yourself lots of TLC. You will know when you are ready to love again. Trust your instincts on this.

Bonnie Marie McL - Psychics Directory
Bonnie Marie McL
I see you doing the solo thing for a bit and finding someone new, someone better fit for your life right now. I see you in a better place without James .. and him the same. Sometimes people are in your lives for a lesson and not for the long haul. I see your future being brighter than it has been in the past.

Kat - Psychics Directory
Your subconscious mind knows, but your conscious mind is denying this right now. There is a reason you decided to split. You’re struggling to identify your feelings, and might consider yourself rather emotionless, and still dependent on him/his affections? Emotional instability is obvious. The cards show you leaving behind what once was, and gaining much strength as a result. Looks great! Move forward, and take care of yourself sweetie!
~Sending positive vibrations your way!!!