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I’m Janet dob July 9 78
Will I reconcile w my ex James or meet somoene new he’s feb 6 79
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Brittany - Psychics Directory
Good evening Janet! Thank you for bringing up your question. In order to get the best results, I have reframed your question as "What is the energy between Janet and her Ex, James?" I pulled one card: The High Priestess. Upon the card lies the Black Widow spider. I feel right off that there will be no reconciliation of this relationship (I'm sorry to say), but you are weaving something new. Somebody else will come along that will appreciate you for who you are. Break loose of the bad energies of the breakup and look towards a bright future!

My new question is do you see any problem for my Parents mom sima July 24 45 or dad aug 24 32 I’m Janet July 978
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Tarot cards and Pendulum Reading: During my reading, I got the sense that maybe there’s some illusions about how things could be if you were to get back together with your ex. You’d love to reconnect, but you’re wondering if you actually should. The cards reveal that the best thing to do is to close this chapter of your love life and begin a new one, You have the strength to do this. And this is a great thing, because you will have the room you need to find a new love. .

George - Psychics Directory
You'd be better with a Scorpio than Aquarius, Janet. I pulled some cards using tarot and lenormand and both were confusing, for you. I think the message is to get over James first before you can even consider someone else. If you look at how you worded your question you should see that you aren't over him and that wouldn't be fair on some one else if you did try to make a new start. It'll take time, try to be comfortable on your own for a while.

Peter - Psychics Directory
Hello, Today I have used the Intuitive Tarot to get three cards for you.

The Two of Rods indicates that you are ready to plan your future and that you are ready to move on with your life. The Six of Rods suggests success, but that maybe you need to look at what other options you have before thinking about reconciling. The Nine of Discs is about looking after yourself and not depending on others for feelings of self-worth.

I believe that either route is absolutely possible; but you do need to first decide which option is ‘right’ for you.

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Barbara G Meyer
Heirophant--there is a lot more to this story: why did you break up? and what do you WANT in a love? Think about what you want to HAVE and then you will be able to figure out if you even want your ex back again or want to move on. If you do move on, then figure out where the kind of guy you like hangs out and go there. You can't find new love by sitting around wishing for it.

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hannah marie
hi janet im sorry to hear of your situation i can say to you i do see some communication with you both as i do feel things have been left a little up in the air with james there is deffo unfinished bi between you both i do see communication coming withing to coming 4 weeks how ever i do feel he will have to be more cards on table as i feel what he says and how he truly feels are the opposite