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Are my fears getting in the way of my current relationship?
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Brittany - Psychics Directory
Good afternoon Eve! I have pulled a Tarot Card with the question of "How are your fears affecting your relationship?" in order to get an overall feel. I get the sense that your fears center around getting too emotionally invested, and you may be afraid to love too deeply. I pulled another card for "How to overcome this fear" and I feel that you need to step back and take a look at what you have, and take confidence that things will work out should you allow them to. Now that you realize your fears, rein them in!

Lucky Psychic - Psychics Directory
Lucky Psychic
Hi Eve, based on the energy I'm picking up from you I would have to say that yes, your fears are getting in the way of your relationship. Your energy tells me that you have a fear of losing control and do not like uncertainty. I also feel like you may be prone to self sabotage in relationships and assume or fear the worst will happen which is a judgement tainted by your personal anxiety and not necessarily based on facts. However these issues can be looked into much deeper and solutions can be provided during a session with me

Hekattee - Psychics Directory
Blessings, Eve. The short answer is yes. The good thing is that now you recognize this, you can do something about working through those fears, I sense that these are due to emotional baggage from the past, which still needs healing. The best way to allow yourself to let this go is to acknowledge that you cannot change the past, but you can change a make a much better future for yourself. Be kind to yourself, and don't be too harsh on yourself, by acknowleging what's going wrong, you have demonstrated your inner strength x

George - Psychics Directory
Yes. I pulled two Tarot cards for you and got the 6 of Cups and 7 of Swords. That's a very clear cut answer that you are being paranoid about your partners platonic friendships and kindness. The 7 of Swords tends to suggest underhandedness. So what ever it is you are doing, behind their back, stop it before you get caught lose what you have.

Barbara G Meyer - Psychics Directory
Barbara G Meyer
If you are trying to be perfect, then yes.

I get the Emperor card reversed--looking to control all parts of this relationship and Yes, trying to be perfect or expecting perfection. 2 of wands reversed shows your fears are holding you back while the Strength card shows you are being well supported--probably by your love. This is a good person--stop worrying so much. If there is one thing I know from reading for over 30 years: you WILL get your heart broke sooner or later. And we survive and grow stronger in spite of it. So don't be so afraid.

 - Psychics Directory
Hi Eve, I pulled The High Priestess in answer to your question. This is always a card of following your own intuition, your own inner voice, in my card a woman is consulting the Tarot with a black cat playing with a moth. I feel that you need to have fun more in your relationship, trust yourself and your partner. Yes, I do believe that your fears could be getting in the way of just enjoying your relationship, try and do something spontaneous and fun, and let your fears go.