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Will I win the lotto in the next few weeks
Client Avatar - Psychics Directory Melanie

George - Psychics Directory
I got The Empress when I pulled a Tarot card for you. Winning the lottery is irrelevant to you as you have everything you need already. You are in a good place and have no need for anything else.
Brooke Shaw - Psychics Directory
Brooke Shaw
Hi there Melanie at this time I am getting a no at this time, but keeping playing and stay positive. Make sure that you will be able to manifest your dream with positive thoughts and affirmations I hope this resonates
PyshicSue - Psychics Directory
I Melanie, It is a question that many people ask and sometimes it is not always about winning the lotto but more about your luck changing. Please be aware that if you constantly view things in life in a negative way you will only attract negative things to you. Please begin by believing in yourself and what you can achieve to change your Life. When I tune into you on a Psychic level I do not see any significant wins on the lotto for you. thanks.