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Will the man who I am interested in want a relationship with me?
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Brooke Shaw - Psychics Directory
Brooke Shaw
Hi there I am getting an immediate yes that he is interested in you. I am also getting strongly that at the end of January into the first part of February 6 is when he is going to ask you out
PyshicSue - Psychics Directory
Hi Ann, I am tuning into you on a Psychic Level and I am also going to confirm with my pendulum. I sense a friendship with a man you are attracted to, at the moment he does not view the relationship the same as you and sees you as a 'Mate' I feel he would be embarrassed to realize that you see it differently, maybe given time his feelings will change but for now I only see this relationship as a friendship. I also just checked with the Pendulum and also received a No. thanks for your question
Black Death - Psychics Directory
Black Death
When is your birth Day/ month/ year and his birth Day/ month/ year? Are you a twin? Is he a twin? need more detail to predict the answer and birthday hold the answer