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What do I need to know regarding communication between K and I and why it is inconsistent (we are casual friends but he is avoidant)?
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Escarly  - Psychics Directory
Hello! In regards to K, he isn't sure about what it is that he wants (in general not only when it comes romance/relationships), you mention that you are "friends" but honestly, as mentioned previously he isn't sure of what it is that he wants, he seems to be wanting to focus more on himself than anything else, he has days in which he is disorganized and with lack of In simpler terms, he's all over the place, you'll still see from him BUT not worth much effort or stress from your part.
Christianna - Psychics Directory
I am sensing that k seems to have a wall up and is not good at commitment. There is something from his past that gives him trust issues, so he mirrors that by being inconsistent.
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Barbara G Meyer
I see 3 of cups reversed--you want things to get serious here, But emperor reversed: you are in love with a fantasy of what COULD BE if only he would change instead of what really IS going on. He may have been a friend before but now, 3 of pentacles--things have changed, he doesn't have time for you and (7 of wands) he is not willing to go forward with a relationship with you. Sorry to be so blunt, but as the saying goes, "he is not that into you." Move on and find someone REAL.