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Will I get back together with my ex -Steve and if so when?
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Keiran Foster - Psychics Directory
Keiran Foster
Tina- I'm sorry to hear your relationship with Steve hasn't worked out. I see that there's the possibility you might get back together with Steve, but it will require work. What I sense is you haven't seen eye to eye and this led to arguments and losing respect. With a deeper look I can examine the elements of your relationship - so we can first of all heal the heartache, see the underlying needs you had from each other and then how you can gain strength to be irresistible to Steve, or have another relationship where your heart sings.
Barbara G Meyer - Psychics Directory
Barbara G Meyer
I see 5 of pentacles reversed here, Tina. Be open to the possibility that you will reconnect. I can't predict WHEN it will happen, sorry but (4 of wands) you still want to be with him so see what happens. But if you are smart--the Hermit card is here too--spend some time looking back at what happened before and make SURE you want the the same thing again. He is not going to change unless HE wants to, so what ever broke you up before may still be there.

Look at his actions, not his words if he comes back.
Olariu Adrian - Psychics Directory
Olariu Adrian
I sense that your heart and your mind are not in the same place. I can feel you still love him, but something happened that doesn't make you very sure that you want him back. Let's talk more to see exactly what is the real problem.