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Hi there! I'm Rachel, and I was hoping to see if there was any love in my near future. I am single and have actually never been in a real relationship before. Any information you can provide about what you see would be much much appreciated (personality, timing, how we meet, the person's looks/ interests)! Thank you so much. --Rachel, Sep. 11, 1999.
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Black Death
You’re still young so don’t worry you’ll be in a relationship but, be warn because you’re the type of people that people find you emotional attractive to, so be careful who you’re in a relationship with, and it depend because you may experience many type of relationships with people whether it’s platonic or not, but when you find someone you think is the “one” please let me know, so I can predict is he/she the “one”
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Olariu Adrian
I think that by what you say "never been in a real relationship" has a deeper meening behind. Let's talk details to see exactly what is really the problem because i sense that you have something on your shoulders that is stoping you from finding true love.
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Lucky Psychic
Hi Rachel, I felt drawn to pull a tarot card on your situation to help bring some clarity to the matter. You've received a message of the need to release, to fly away somehow from someone or some situation in your environment as soon as you can. If you can move on and do what needs to be done in regards to improving your freedom then somehow matters of love will balance out for a time. There's a possibility of you coming into a rewarding and fulfilling relationship down the road but right now is not that time.