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I want to know if I have a 'soulmate' or whatever out there who I could actually be happy and in love with forever . If this fairy tale man exists, when will he come into my life, if ever, or do I already know him? And any details to help identify this person like looks, age, sign, personality/ life experiences etc etc. Or has this person died or something and should I just settle with someone for convenience lol thanks
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Thanks for your answers! I do currently have a partner I am unsure of, although he does try to make me happy, as I have been very hurt in past relationships, but will come back and let you all know how/if/when it all unfolds:)
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Lucky Psychic
Hi Sarah, I pulled a tarot card regarding your question today and here's the answer I think you might be looking for. The Heirophant to me says that you are likely to meet this person at an intimate social gathering in traditional settings or events. It says you may be looking to go the traditional marriage route if the person is right for you. If you want more details about when the meeting of this person is likely to occur and more details about personality, etc then feel free to check out my profile and contact me. Thanks.

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Aquarian Star
It looks like you're defining this perfect love that you seek based on past relationship struggles and have moved yourself into a current state of isolation. Coming out of that isolation will display what you seek. Your love is out there.

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Blessings Sarah, looking at your love life, I see that your soulmate is very much alive and yet to cross your path. When you first meet each other, you will immediately know that he is the one because the energies and chemistry that you will both feel will be magical. I see a man who is close to you in age, and may be new to your area. I also feel that he is a Fire sign. He's strong and passionate and has a very kind and loving heart. I see this connection may be about to unfold.