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Is this relationship over: Danielle March 8th 1989, Da’Juan April 19th 1989. If not when will he contact me? (Timeframe)
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Lucky Psychic
Hi Danielle, I've tuned into your question and decided to use the tarot to give you some guidance. I pulled the queen of swords which tells me that a choice is available and is quite clear and right in front of you so you may be called to make a choice quickly and swiftly regarding your connections to this man. Use your logic and reason when making this choice rather than relying on your emotions to cloud your judgement, if you do that then you will know which choice to make.
PyshicSue - Psychics Directory
Pisces & Aries, have trouble connecting. My pendulum says this relationship is over. Doing a brief Psychic Reading I do not get that this person is compatible with you, they do not give you the detail that you want in a relationship, the romance, the caring. Whilst you are sitting waiting for them to contact you they are probably not even aware of your feelings for them. It is time to move on with your love life and find a partner that will care about your needs.
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Blessings Danielle, I sense that Dajuan may not be ready to give you the sort of commitment you are wanting. What I see around him is a sense of emotional immaturity, and it may be best for you to focusing in moving on with your life. I see other romantic opportunities around you, and I am being shown a lovely man who can give you the love that you deserve. If you do decide to wait for Dajuan, I see that this could be a long time, as I am not seeing him making any changes x