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What will my love life look like over the next few months. I'm a Capricorn born 01/01/1986. My name is Tashae.
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Lucky Psychic
Hi Tashae, I can answer your question easily if you would like to setup an appointment with me in the future. I get the feeling that one or two people are on the horizon and may appear within the next few months. One of them may be a past lover, associate or friend just by intuitively tuning into your question so that is very interesting! Check out my profile and let me know if I can help.

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Blessings Tashae, looking at what's ahead your guides are showing me that there will be choices to be made. I am seeing new connections unfolding, as you move forwards, meeting new people. however, I am also seeing someone from the past getting back in touch, and you may feel tempted to walk this path again. Spirit is advising you to think carefully about what is best for you, and it may be that it is time for a complete change, a new chapter in your life to start. I see someone new who can make you happy.

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Hi Tashae, I get the sense you always pick the wrong ones, be honest with whoever you meet and don't change for true to your family and don't keep ignoring their advice. I asked my pendulum and get that September is a good month for meeting someone new. After a brief Psychic reading I see a change is just around the corner but whilst I feel you will date I do not see 'the one' coming along just yet. I do see September as the month you start to socialise a bit more and get out with friends.