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Hi, I was wondering if you see anyone for me anytime soon? Would you please be able to describe this person as much as possible? Anything you can answer is much appreciated! Thanks so much! R (03/27/1998)
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Madame Luna - Psychics Directory
Madame Luna
Hi Rikki! I would love to help you with this. I have a promotion that the first 5 people I read will be for free for the first half hour. I use tarot cards, and would probably use a 4 card spread for the time and details about how that encounter will happen. For details, I would use the Celtic Cross spread. I have answered many questions like this and have been able to provide a lot of information, however it is important to know that everything happens on time. Contact me for an appointment! :)

Aquarian Star - Psychics Directory
Aquarian Star
It seems as though you've overlooked your love. Let's pull some cards for clarification. Your stride for business success has steered you from seeing who's been right in front of you.

Sherri Brown - Psychics Directory
Sherri Brown
I do see a special person coming but not until November of 2018. This person will have dark hair and eyes about 5 foot 7 inch. You will not be expecting this person in your life but it will be a happy surprise.

PyshicSue - Psychics Directory
Hi Rikki, I get that you have been cheated on in the past, you have met someone you feel could be the right one, but are scared of repeating old mistakes. I see dark hair, shoulder length, they make you laugh a lot and you feel comfortable with this person, this person likes to dress casually but always looks great, slim/medium build, great skin and beautiful eyes, very mesmerising, like you could stare into them and just get lost. I see this as a really beautiful relationship. x

Olariu Adrian - Psychics Directory
Olariu Adrian
Of course there is somebody for everybody. But i think there are other problems that concern you more than finding somebody. I would like to talk to you more about yourself to see where is the actual problem at finding your love one.

Lucky Psychic - Psychics Directory
Lucky Psychic
Hi Rikki, your question is a question I receive from a large amount of clients and I understand and honor it. However it sounds very vauge as I'm unsure if you're looking for a long term/short term marriage partner, friend, etc. It's also important not to get hung up on the person's "packaging" and come to realize that their content isn't compatible or of any quality. However if you would like to look into this more specifically I would be more than happy to help you out.