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Hello, I want to know if me and my ex will still have a second chance? It has been a month and a half since we broke up and talked. His bdate is Nov 9 1990 (Michael) and mine is Khrystyne, July 24 1991. Thank you.
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Hekattee - Psychics Directory
Blessings, looking at the energies around your ex, I see that there are a lot of emotional barriers around him. I don't feel that he is ready for any sort of commitment, and for now, he is just wanting to have fun and meet new people. Spirit is advising you to do the same, Khrystyne, because I am seeing that as you meet new friends, there will be a very strong attraction to a new man. He is someone who is ready to settle down and bring you long term happiness.
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Lucky Psychic
Hi Khrystyne, I automatically get the feeling that this relationship would be toxic if you reentered into it willingly. I advise caution moving forward to be honest. It may be best to consider why the relationship ended and how it ended and on what terms whether good bad or neutral. I can provide a relationship reading for you to give you some more details and a concrete no nonsense answer if you would like to enlist my services. Thank you for your question.
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Barbara G Meyer
I am sorry this is happening to you Khrystyne. I get the Queen of Swords--making a plan, 9 of cups reversed--not having much fun and most significantly--6 of cups rev--you are staying where you used to have fun instead of moving on to better have a plan that you think will get you back together but I think it is time to grow up and move on. Find someone better than your ex.