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I want to know when Matt is going to call or text me again?
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George - Psychics Directory
I used a Tarot timing spread and I got July 15th. Then asking Lenormand, why so long?, it implied that's he's content as things are but that if you leave him alone it'll pay off in the long run. You'll cross paths around mid July, he may need you for advice on something.
Hekattee - Psychics Directory
Blessings Tasha, looking at the energies between you, I am not seeing Matt getting in touch for the time being, my love, and spirit is wanting you to move on. Be open to meeting new people, go out with friends and have fun, and just focus on enjoying life. I see that once you have healed from this connection, a very special someone will come to your life, with a promise of the long term happiness and love that you have been waiting for. He is your soulmate, and you will know this from the moment you meet.
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Black Death
you need to give you and his birthday, confirmation and information whether you both got a twin or not, in order to know the truth and make sure there’s no incorrect confirmation or it will lead to wrong truth.