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How does Michael J. Hall jr feel about me? His bday is 12/01/1995. And my birtday is 08/23/1995.
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Black Death - Psychics Directory
Black Death
If you both don’t have any twins and his birthday on day 1 month 12 and year 1995, this is my answer confirmation and if this confirmation is incorrect please let me know.
You both have 90% the same introvert and extrovert behaviours, 60% the same subconscious.
To him, he feels your relationship with him is
One’s actions relationships
60% neutral, Visitor with roots in the past, male figure with authority.
60% negative, Health news, a strong dominant man.
60% he feels he’s thinking about you and feel that you’re in his life.

George - Psychics Directory
I pulled a couple of Tarot cards for this one. I got the 7 of Coins and the Magician. From those two I get the impression his focus right now isn't on you but on waiting for some miracle to change his fortunes. He's blocked. The word "apathy" seems apt. A bit too focused on the material aspects of life he needs to find a balance in life of all it's elements and not just one. You're looking for yourself in an element that's he's ignoring right now.
Barbara G Meyer - Psychics Directory
Barbara G Meyer
Card pulled 6 of wands, queen of swords and chariot reversed

I see that he likes you (6 of wands) and you (queen of swords) probably also would like to get to know him better. I see chariot reversed as hesitating. I don’t understand what the problem is. If one of you is not available to date, then you must work on that for YOU. Or move on if it Is him. If you are just too shy to try to approach him, then force yourself to do it anyway.