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My employer is supposed to help me fix some problems. So far, I am under the impression that time is running out. Can you see if I am still on track to have my issues resolved on time?
What is the timeline do you see?
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Piper Bellevue - Psychics Directory
Piper Bellevue
Hello! The cards are showing me that this is a very good employer for you! I am seeing that you will be successful working with them. They are working to resolve your problems but are dealing with a lot of distractions, just have a lot going on. But fear not! The cards are pretty clear that they will be able to get your issues resolved in time. I'm sorry but the cards aren't being very clear on the time frame. Hope I was helpful!
Lucky Psychic - Psychics Directory
Lucky Psychic
Hi there, here and I would love to assist you with your concern. So I'm just tuning into the energy of your question and I automatically get the sense of a plateau regarding this issue and I feel like the timing may take longer than you expect. I can provide a solution based reading if you want to get to what's working for you, against you and a likely outcome regarding your question. Feel free to look me up and thank you for your question.
Hekattee - Psychics Directory
Blessings, I see that you may need to communicate your concerns with your employer, make your wishes clear, and see if you can negotiate a timescale for this. It's best that you get on to this as soon as possible, and I see a positive resolution by the end of the month. Love and light x
Joshua Howard - Psychics Directory
Joshua Howard
Good morning, I am picking up that this issue may be coming to a head in the next 2-3 weeks. I feel as though there is a looming answer, but that may be from you and not nescesarily the employer. Would you mind telling me a bit more about yourself and I can get clearer visual?
Daniell Cook - Psychics Directory
Daniell Cook

Your outcome card is the seven of cups inverted cut through get to the heart of the matter your will power will carry you forward.

The person helping you also appeared in my cards soon you will over come your obstacle SOON so say the cards. Also their is someone negative in your life that will hinder your goal you must cut ties to succeed
I believe soon everything will be resolved stay strong. I hope my reading has helped you it would not let me type your full reading.
Blessed Be
Barbara G Meyer - Psychics Directory
Barbara G Meyer
Chariot--You are moving as fast as you can. King of Wands reversed: you have been told you have no choice and Moon reversed; you are not sure what the status of the assignment really is. Maybe you need to do the logical thing first: ask your boss to talk to you about what is expected and the deadlines he wants you to adhere to. You don't KNOW exactly what is expected of you. I can't give you a timeline--I don't believe I can predict that.