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My dob-(26/jul/1996) Will my ex-girlfriend contact me soon? Will she and I get married soon and live a happy, good life? Her name is neleena
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Hekattee - Psychics Directory
Blessings Chamod, I'm sorry, but I see that Heleena is on a different path, my love. I see that she is not ready for long term commitment and is wanting to explore her options. Spirit is advising you to do the same, get out more and be open to meeting new people and making friends. I see a lovely lady coming to your life through one of these friendships, and she is someone who wants the same things in life as you do, your energies are an ideal match, a soulmate connection.
Black Death - Psychics Directory
Black Death
Besides your birthday, you need to give her birthday, confirmation and information whether you both got twins or not, in order to know the truth and make sure there’s no incorrect confirmation or it will lead to wrong truth.
Barbara G Meyer - Psychics Directory
Barbara G Meyer
Chamod: it is over. Neleena has moved on (Chariot card) you have not (8 of cups reversed). Waiting for your ex will make you sadder and will waste your time. Queen of pentacles-you have a lot to offer. Move on and find someone better for you than Neleena who appreciates all you have to give.