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I would like a timeline for my marriage for the next few months.
Client Avatar - Psychics Directory Jovana

Andre - Psychics Directory
Hi, Jovana. I see small improvements for you both in the next two months, some news coming from work will make you bond and spend quality time together, a very good time. Lighthearted pastime and some fancy dates. However, by the end of those 2 months or most likely in the middle of the summer things will have a turn for the worse. You should take care of your marriage if you want things to work out. Money shouldn't be a big burden nor the only drive between you both. A lucky spell with money will come.
Barbara G Meyer - Psychics Directory
Barbara G Meyer
I don't predict what WILL happen but I see that if you get help--there is a chance the marriage can continue. I pulled 3 cards: strength card reversed, Star and Page of cups. You don't feel supported by your husband (Strength card reversed) but you are willing to try to make a success of your marriage (Star) by seeking help (Page of Cups.) Consider counseling and if HE won't go, then get it for yourself. Even if you decide to leave the marriage you will know you did your very best to patch things up.
Joshua Howard - Psychics Directory
Joshua Howard
Angel Spread-
Current Reality: Freedom
Challenge: Grace
Gift: Faith
Outcome: Power
With your relationship looks like that there is a feeling of being trapped or helpless. Grace being the challenge seems like you feel you have a fear of how perception of a breakup would be taken, by others as well as your own heart. With Faith as gift and Power as outcome it’s looking like you will come out a more complete/ healed person this struggle, and find power in yourself that has since seemed lost. I wish you the best love, and know that you are resilient.