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I am looking for guidance please, met a lovely man online by chance online 6 months ago. Was a lovely emotional connection, we were seeing each other for a few weeks then stopped. There was no contact for a few weeks, then we were messaging each other regularly and it progressed to every day. There is a really strong emotional connection and have loads of similarities in experience with previous relationships. Then he appears to pull back. Will our relationship develop and progress? He's an Aries aged 46, I'm a Gemini, 41. Thank you!! Feeling confused!
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MamaSita - Psychics Directory
It appears from the reading that he isn't as invested in the relationship as you is still looking for prospects online and though he does favor you in various ways, he feels ambivalent about commitment at this time, due to fear of responsibility for another relationship, in particular, the sharing of assets with a woman. The final outcome of the reading suggests that you should look for other

Andre - Psychics Directory
Hi, Aileen. I see your connection or messaging through internet currently blocked, he's cold and distant. I feel he is not very comfortable with that kind of relationship started from internet or websites and he decided to back down for a while. He met someone near him, personally, and to what I see from the cards he will still message you in the future, and he will come clear and you will have the possibility to figure things out and see where things will head.
Thank you and I hope you could relate to the reading.

Barbara G Meyer - Psychics Directory
Barbara G Meyer
Aileen, I pulled cards for this question: Hermit reversed, Temperance reversed and Knight of swords--I think it is time to move on from this relationship. You know in your gut (hermit card) that this relationship is not going anywhere, but you don't want to acknowledge that. Temperance reversed-you are feeling impatient but you WANT something real, so you keep coming back looking for it. But Knight of Swords--there is a dilemma here. I think this man is married and just looking for love and excitement on line. He drops in when he has TIME and not when he doesn't.