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My name Concepcion Amaya Jr. (8/28/82) and I was recently involved in a taboo relationship with a coworker. Will she come back into my life seeking a relationship or will I find a new love in my life and be happy without her? What time frame will this happen if it does come to pass?
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Ali - Psychics Directory
Hi dearest Concepcion,
I believe, have already moved on from this:) You deserve it, don't waste time waiting.
I also kept getting an ankle Perhaps That flairs up from time to time. May sound crazy and I'm not a dr. but euqiliptis is great, even if it's Vick's vapor rub.
Big hugs!!

Andre - Psychics Directory
Hi, Concepcion! This relationship you were having was very fragile and with an expiration date. I see you exchanging messages with your coworker and trying to figure things out, but things will only lead to more stress and heartbreak. I'm sorry for the bad news. I see an ill man in your coworker family who is weighing her down too, something that has some influence in the relationship.
I don't know if it is of the interest of any of you, but I see a relationship with a male prevailing here. Could it be for her?
Barbara G Meyer - Psychics Directory
Barbara G Meyer
I pull a card for you: 4 of swords. You want to do NOTHING for now. Don't go back to this person and don't seek a new relationship right now. I can't predict what WILL happen or when, but right now you need some time OFF relationships. Having a relationship does not make you happy--YOU must be the one to make you happy. But for now, the cards say, just rest for a luck.