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Is Neil in love with me and will we meet soon? Hes dob is 23/10/1998
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Different answers, made me confused
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Hekattee - Psychics Directory
Blessings Beenzu, I see that there is a connection between you and Neil, but I am not seeing any feelings of love, I see that it is too early to speak of that, and spirit is wanting you to take it easy and keep your options open when it comes to romance. I do see you meeting in the next three months, but all I am seeing is a friendship unfolding between you. I sense that there is also some physical distance, and I am being shown a new man who is much closer to home.

Black Death - Psychics Directory
Black Death
Besides his birthday, you need to give your birthday, confirmation and information whether you both got twins or not, in order to know the truth and make sure there’s no incorrect confirmation or it will lead to wrong truth.

Barbara G Meyer - Psychics Directory
Barbara G Meyer
King of Cups reversed--is the card I pulled for you Beenzu. I would be very careful here. King of cups reversed can be manipulative and even alcoholic. They are not good people. If you are talking on line--beware of him. Make sure he is real by seeing what the pattern is in your conversation. What does he say about HIMSELF? What do you KNOW about him? Keep talking to him if you want, but be careful: You live at a long distance apart and you are falling in love with a fantasy of WHAT COULD BE. Slow down.