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Hi my dob 15 Sep 1961. Is there someone in workplace who is loving me in secret? Any features or signs? Thanks
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Blessings, focusing on your question, I have drawn the Page of Cups, this does indeed show that there may be a secret admirer around you, I sense that this is a younger person, with fair hair and they seem a little bit shy in coming forwards. I do however see other options for you, as the next card I have for you is the Ace of Wands, which shows a whirlwind romantic connection, which will take you by surprise by its intensity, this other person is not someone you know or who works with you.
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Black Death
If you don’t have any twins then, this is my answer confirmation and if this confirmation is incorrect please let me know.
Have you got a Secret Admirer? Yes, you have a secret admirer. This is someone from your past. Your secret admirer is possible to be the person inside or outside your life but, from the workplace, I’m not sure, sorry.
Who is your secret Admirer? This is an admirer who is committed to someone else.
Romantic Possibilities? No, but maybe, only if you change your life now away from all the drama.
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Joshua Howard
I provided a 3 card spread that will give some detail with an extra pull to see what outcome is.
Current Reality: Ministration
From these cards the person in question would have a big voice at work. Big talker/communicator. The problem is that there is an assumption if you were together, this would stunt growth/prosperity for you two. But, reguardless, you two are thankful to just know one another, happy in Eachothers presence. Hope signifies a great possibility for love here, but both have to believe it.