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I am wondering if anyone can do an ancestor/ spirit guides reading for me. I want to know if anyone comes through even dead relatives. I was also wondering if I have any blocked chakras, and how to take care of that. I was wondering if you could some how read into my life purpose and tell me if my financial situation is going to improve in the near name is Angela Renee Simmons and my bday is 06/11/1985 born at 8:32am EST. If I need to pay more for the readings, I will.
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Amanda BURTON - Psychics Directory
Your spread show there are no blocked chakras , more of an imbalance , this is causing your inability to put the past behind you and find your true path. Using your third eye chakra will resolve this but give yourself time. Be kind to yourself , do something you enjoy with people who you enjoy being with. This will clear your mind to see more clearly, giving you the direction you need to improve your financial stability. I feel opening up to the right people is your way forward. I feel a warm presence from a male spirit.
Karl Clark - Psychics Directory
Karl Clark
I am able to help you lovely if you wanted me to please feel free to pop me a message should you wish to seek the answers to your questions.
Yolanda - Psychics Directory
Greetings, I seen in your ancestral lineage you could possibly have someone who is of Chinese descent and Native American around you. I also seen someone who is a male who was an authority figure that is around you a lot as well, someone could have been in a fire (firefighter) or was in the military. If you have had a grandmother or papa who have passed, they are with you. I am picking up on a mother figure that is around you as well. Someone could have been a Gemini. Sacral and Base Chakra is blocked.
Tay - Psychics Directory
Hi Angela! I am willing to pull a few ancestor cards for you! I only charge $3 for those cards! I can also see if anyone comes through for you as well! Xo
Michail Q - Psychics Directory
Michail Q
Dear Angela. I believe there's some ancestral energy trying to communicate to you during your sleep. I believe you are a very grounded and practical person and that those mystical experiences might scare you a bit. That's why they make you anxious and make it hard for you to take the messages of that ancestor. I saw a man being pierced by sword, dying instantly while my heart rate accelerated tremendously. I can see that things are hard right now but I see you winning over some kind of an addiction. Open up to the spiritual realm. Your'll win this.
Kimberley Parker - Psychics Directory
Kimberley Parker
Angela dear one, When I look at your my guides show me a lot of focus on the financial. This is typically a root chakra issue. I am shown you budgeting tightly in the recent past , I feel the last years would not have been easy for you but that is shifting now thankfully! My tarot cards show a need to hold on to money and be careful for a little longer . You will be best off working for yourself. That is likely to prove most lucrative. So if you have a passion follow it!